Brown Camp


In this Japandi-inspired remodel of a downtown loft, simplicity and industrial charm converge. The space features stark white walls, natural oak floors, and wood ceilings, creating an airy feel. The kitchen showcases appliances hidden within Remodeling Contractors’ own Signature line of Cornerstone Cabinetry. The modern feel of the Britany Blue over Baltic birch cabinetry blend seamlessly into the minimalist design. Concrete beams and columns retain their raw, industrial appeal, adding depth and a nod to the building’s warehouse history. Lighting accentuates key elements, including subtle illumination of floating shelves, a textured tile backsplash and indirect lighting for the wood ceiling. The soft green of the Prickly Pear vanity cabinets complement the white quartz countertops, while oak accents bring a touch of nature and a warm tone. This remodel successfully harmonizes simplicity, coziness, and industrial aesthetics into a stylish downtown loft.

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