What will my remodel cost?

When it comes to identifying your remodeling costs the two biggest factors are the scope of work & material selections. Our expert team will help you navigate through our PreConstruction process to determine the best scope of work & material selections that align with your budget.

The quickest way for us to help formulate a budget is to look at our historical data from the past 2 years—the chart below represents actual costs from real life projects.

Low High Average
Basement Finish $   25,561  $ 116,109  $   73,304
Hall Bathroom Renovation $   14,125  $   33,109  $   21,542
Master Bathroom Remodel $   23,182  $ 114,970  $   58,095
Kitchen Remodel $   45,654  $ 134,075  $   79,099
Whole House Renovation $   98,030  $ 329,048  $ 144,429
Add Basement Bathroom $   18,362  $ 43,863 $   36,763
Fireplace Update $   6,289  $ 28,093 $   19,464


Another great resource for determining budgets and the return on remodeling investments is the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs Value report. This independent resource is great for calculating how much value a remodel will add to real estate.

After the initial consultation our team will get to work drafting a few options for you to review, writing your project’s scope of work and creating a detailed estimate that is as accurate as possible. Before we leave the initial consultation, we will schedule a second meeting at our office within a 1 to 2 week time frame.  We will use this 2nd meeting to present our concepts and estimates for your  remodeling project as well as providing options to stay within your budget.