Design Build: Start to Finish

Where To Begin

We all dream of the amazing kitchen we want or master bath oasis we would like to create. HGTV shows inspire us, Pinterest makes it look easy and Houzz gives plenty of lovely pictures we would like to emulate. However, it is hard to get off the starting block with so much to choose from in the remodeling industry from where to buy your finishes to what remodeler to hire. Hiring a Design Build remodeler may be your best choice. A Design Build Team can provide guidance from the conception of the project to the final punch down always keeping your goals for the project in mind.

Finding A Team That Shares Your Vision

Choosing the right remodeling team is the most important decision you will make for your remodel’s success. Look to your family, friends, and neighbors for referrals. They have already vetted companies that you will want to consider. Set up multiple appointments and treat your meeting like a two-way interview. Are they professional and respond to your request for an appointment in a timely manner? Is a project like yours in their wheelhouse? Upon meeting, what is your impression of the company, are they collaborative, do you like their ideas, are they open to your ideas, what is the timeline for your project? It is important to share your ideas and what you are planning to invest in your project. Look for a team that can lead you through design and the remodel always working collaboratively with your vision in mind.

Committing To A Contractor / Signing A Design Contract

The design process is the most exciting part of the entire project. You may have guessed, the author of this article is a designer. It is a time when you can collaborate with the team on ideas, dreams and expectations as they get to know you and your specific needs. Inspiration pictures from and can be very helpful to communicate your vision. Your design team will guide you with their experience and knowledge of the most current products available. For example, if you have a large family and pets it is important to suggest durable finishes that will take some abuse. Also, if you are planning to stay in the home long term versus less than 5 years, a different approach is required. Your team can help you navigate the myriad of options and focus on the right selections for your project. Since this is a remodel, it is also important for your team to suggest finishes that will look correct in your home. The goal is to update but still coordinate with the rest of the home. Using design software can be very useful while designing your project. It will allow you to see your project in floor plan mode or 3D view while giving you 360-degree views of your rooms. Your choice of cabinetry, countertop, flooring, and lighting can be added to the program to give a preview of the completed project.

It’s Not Only About Looking Good

A well-designed project that functions well, addresses your needs, and looks beautiful is the goal. An experienced design team will give expert advice on a kitchen layout keeping in mind specific cooking habits, family size, entertaining needs, and resale potential. If you are considering a multiple room remodel, your design team will be able to give you advice on phasing to spread out the financial investment. It is a good idea to design for the “big picture”. If your plan is to remodel the kitchen but want to tackle the master bath next year, it is a good idea to design both projects at the same time. The plumbing and electrical can be prepped for the next phase during the first phase saving money and time later on.

Scope And Budget In Perfect Balance

It is not unusual to have the wish list/scope of a project and the budget for a project not in alignment. Most homeowners are not working with an unlimited budget, so it is important that your team suggest ways to get scope and budget to meet. Setting priorities with your team will help achieve most of what you want. Sometimes it takes compromising on an expensive selection such as choosing reasonably priced granite over the much more expensive quartzite.

Other ways to realize your dreams on a budget can includes the following:

  • Use tile to create the beautiful look of marble or stone at a fraction of the cost. It will also have the added benefit of easy care and durability.
  • Light fixtures can be very expensive and not fit into the budget so finding one that has a similar look at a lower price point is a reasonable compromise.
  • Using a Luxury Vinyl Plank floor instead of a sand in place real wood floor will give you a natural wood floor look and be durable at a lower cost.

Your team should also come up with creative ways achieve cost savings while trying not compromise the client’s vision.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of factors to consider in addition to cost when choosing a team to work with. Finding the right design build team for your project is pivotal to the success of your project. The team becomes family for the duration of your project. Remodeling is a fun, exciting, loud and dusty process so working with a team you like and have confidence in is essential.