Modern Farmhouse

Step into a realm of timeless elegance with our modern farmhouse bathroom remodel, meticulously crafted by the expertise of Remodeling Contractors. At the heart of this opulent transformation lies our Signature cabinets, adorned with a pull-out tower in a dignified Onyx finish, an embodiment of sophistication and function.

These cabinets stand as a testament to exquisite design, crowned by a marble slab that exudes a sense of grandeur, imparting an air of luxury to the space. On one side, a capacious soaking tub beckons, a haven of relaxation, while on the other, a cultured marble shower showcases craftsmanship at its finest.

Elevating the ambiance further are the black plumbing fixtures, strategically placed to provide a stunning contrast against the marble backdrop, adding a touch of modernity to the classical narrative. Complementing these fixtures, patterned black and white tiles playfully intertwine with the cabinets, infusing the space with a whimsical charm.

Moreover, the custom radius mirrors grace the walls with their unique design, reflecting light and space artfully, while accentuating the room’s classical aesthetics. Step into this reimagined haven, where classic and contemporary fuse seamlessly to create a bathroom that transcends eras, offering both comfort and opulence.