Fleming Construction and Remodeling Contractors Announce Merger

Fleming Construction and Remodeling Contractors announced today that they are forming a new partnership and merging under the Remodeling Contractors name to better serve Central Iowa homeowners.

Urbandale, Ia  May 1st, 2020 –

This all comes during the turbulent and uncertain times of a quarantined economy. Despite 1st quarter industry reports citing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic Zak Fleming is optimistic. “After working through the early challenges of the Covid-19 epidemic we decided to continue moving forward with the merger.” said Fleming, “We were facing some tough decisions, but we realized we are much stronger together, and that was the point of merging in the first place.”

With a common vision for serving customers, Rollie Clarkson, founder of Remodeling Contractors along with Marc Black and Zak Fleming, Owners of Fleming Construction feel like a merger between the two firms is a natural fit. Both Remodeling Contractors and Fleming Construction are long term veterans of the remodeling industry, with many accolades to share between them.

Remodeling Contractors has been serving central Iowa for 35 years and Rollie holds multiple Remodeler of the Year honors and an Eric Carlson award for lifetime service to the building industry.  “We have always admired Rollie’s company, he has been a great friend and competitor over the last 20 years.” Black said, “He was both Zak and my mentor during the early parts of our careers, and we are looking forward to working with him on this new venture.”

Fleming Construction will be celebrating 20 years at the end of 2020.They have also collected quite a list of honors including 3 Remodeler of the Year awards, a Pella People’s Choice Award, and both Black and Fleming have been recognized nationally by Professional Remodeler magazines’ 40 Under 40 – 2015 and 2014 respectively.

This marks the 6th company to join under the alliance that originated under the Fleming Construction banner. “The change to Remodeling Contractors just makes sense.” stated Fleming when asked about the name change,” It perfectly describes our collaborative group and what we do.”

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