Emilie Matthias

Excellent customer service and completed on time and on budget! We had a great experience with Remodeling Contractors for our entire first floor remodel at the end of 2020. We were looking for a remodeling company that provided all the services we needed including up front design, management of all required activities, strong customer service and project management. This company did not disappoint.

We had a great experience, inclusive of candid conversations around what we were looking to accomplish, our budget and expectations. Scott and Donna were great to work with as we determined our plan and worked through budget and timelines. They both listened, provided valuable feedback and worked hard to ensure we got what we wanted and still remained within our budget. I anticipated this process to be very stressful and found, instead, that it was actually a lot of fun! Once we finalized the plan, budget, timeline we started the process of the actual remodel. Our interaction was mostly with the onsite project manager, Brent, who was extremely knowledgeable, professional and very patient with all our questions. He was always available and provided updates almost daily on activities, subcontractors, etc. We ran into a few additional items that needed to be updated as we went along and the team was very accommodating, even working to keep us on schedule. We couldn’t be happier with our final product. Even after our remodel was completed the team continues to follow up with us after a few weeks, then a few months and I just had another follow up at the 6 month mark to ensure we were still happy with our outcome. This is the excellent customer service I was looking for and we plan to use this company again when we get around to remodeling our basement.

Emilie Matthais, Van Meter, IA