28th st

With most homes located in the South of Grand area being of a certain vintage, this newer 90’s era ranch style home is unique in this neighborhood.  The homeowners set out to remodel their kitchen and master bathroom with all the most up to date conveniences while adding some character and whimsy.

French Country style elements including cabinetry and tile were selected for the kitchen & master bathroom.  The kitchen features a top of the line 48” commercial style range, two drawer dishwashers and an island prep sink. These updates make cooking, prep and clean up a breeze.  The master bath now has a convenient space saving laundry unit and added a larger shower by removing the tub. Now this unique newer home has a state-of-the-art kitchen and a dream master bathroom without all the maintenance.

Steps along the way include the initial concepts, 3d renderings, floorplans and elevations all completed by our in house design department. The main challenge with this design was visualizing the  pattern backsplash tile just behind the range. This was completed by creating the tile pattern in our 3d software using an actual photograph of the tile. The final project was stunning, click here to see more photos of this home.