Theory of Remodeltivity

When contemplating starting Fleming Construction in 2001, our owner Zak Fleming was given all sorts of advice from friends and family. Most advice started with, “Why?”

“Why would you want to start a remodeling company? They don’t return phone calls, they don’t show up on time, their trucks leak oil all over driveways.” The conversations often included comments like, “Remodeling companies are never finished when they say they will be, they are always over budget, and they don’t communicate well.”

Instead of being discouraged Zak took note. Through those conversations, he created a list to focus on that would make for a great customer experience while other remodeling companies only focused on quality. He knew that if he only did those things well, he would have a unique company that served the customers needs and built good quality remodels at the same time.

Today that list has been condensed into four values that we call the Theory of Remodeltivity, this is the guiding principal of how we run Remodeling Contractors today. By creating the right team of Tradepartners, Suppliers, and staff that subscribe to these practices and by forming systems to support them, we can ensure our projects will be On Time, On Budget … By Design.