5 Popular Trends in West Des Moines Kitchen Remodels

In this article will we discuss the 5 popular trends in West Des Moines kitchen remodels.

Over the past decade, West Des Moines has become one of the most attractive areas of the Des Moines metro to call home. From its up and coming shopping centers to its unique restaurants and modern homes, it is a popular area to both live and work.

However, there are areas of West Des Moines that aren’t filled with brand new, trendy houses. While these areas are still attractive to many residents the homes found here are getting to be 20 or more years old and many homeowners are ready to give them an upgrade.

Building and remodeling trends in the last few years have proven that one of the most popular and trendiest rooms in the house is the kitchen. Homeowners want to make the kitchen a functional space while also showcasing their unique taste. The kitchen has become a center piece, a bragging right of sorts. Which is why many residents, not just of West Des Moines, find themselves starting a home remodeling project in the kitchen.

If you are ready to design the kitchen of your dreams but do not know where to start, Remodeling Contractors is ready to help. From the planning process to providing ideas, demolition and reconstruction, they are your kitchen remodeling experts. They are also up on all the most current trends in West Des Moines kitchen remodels, including five of the most popular outlined below.

  1. Technology
    Technology is everywhere. So, when it comes to a newly remodeled and modern kitchen why wouldn’t you want to include it? Whether you are ready to tear out your whole kitchen and start from scratch or simply upgrade to new appliances, technology can be integrated into every aspect of your kitchen. From lights to faucets, the refrigerator and your coffee maker, making your kitchen “smart” is becoming more affordable and almost expected in new and newly renovated homes.When it comes to appliances you aren’t limited anymore to the simple coffee-maker that has a cup ready for you when you wake up. Major appliances such as your refrigerator and oven can be controlled via an app on your smartphone. So you can get alerts when the milk is almost out or set your oven to pre-heat while on your way home from work.Technology has also been integrated into kitchen faucets including no-touch sensors and one-touch options. Lighting can be controlled to turn on via timer, through an app on your phone, or through a home automation system. Imagine your arms full of groceries as you come home and a simple, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” will light your way without having to set everything down. Even older kitchens can become smart by simply installing smart gadgets or sensors that don’t necessarily have to be wired into existing electricity.
  2. Dark Cabinetry
    That’s right, white is out, dark is in at least in the accents. At a time when it seems like most new construction in the Des Moines metro is installing white kitchen cabinets, it is a trend that doesn’t seem to be lasting long. Dark cabinets are on their way back and finding their way into many new kitchen remodeling projects.Rich, dark colors in the kitchen give the space a more expensive, luxurious look and feel. When paired with lighter colored countertops or walls, the contrast provides drama and personality that is noticeable as soon as you step into the room. Appliances, flooring and furniture in dark colors can also add to the luxury of a newly remodeled kitchen.When choosing dark colors for your kitchen cabinets don’t limit yourself to black or dark wood finishes. Remodeling trends are also leaning towards a variety of dark colors to really make cabinets and wood-work pop. Colors such as dark plum, forest green, and navy can also provide elegance and drama to the kitchen. It is important to not over do the dark colors though, as this can make the room feel small and overpower some of the other kitchen features.
  3. Quartz
    Countertops are perhaps one of the most important choices you will make during your kitchen remodeling project. They need to be functional and maintainable while also being an aesthetic focal point. The trend right now: quartz. While quartz may not be a new trend it is certainly one that maintains its popularity. It looks beautiful and high-end but is still cost efficient and easy to maintain.Quartz does still have some competition from marble and of course, granite countertops, since they all provide a luxurious and expensive atmosphere. These natural stone options typically provide more color choices and patterns. However, as a manufactured product and some technological advances, quartz countertops are now available in a variety of hues and patterns that allow you to match any color palette and make your kitchen truly unique.
  4. Decorative Backsplash
    Another functional yet decorative portion of the kitchen, trends in kitchen remodels are turning a focus towards the backsplash. And in many cases, homeowners are using the backsplash to make a statement. Using color, patterns and texture it can tie the whole kitchen together and, again, give the space an aesthetic that reflects a unique, personal taste.For the most part, new backsplash installation is still done using traditional tiles. However, these tiles are found in a new variety of colors and materials allowing the homeowner’s creativity to be unlimited. They can provide a pop of color, be a decorative centerpiece or even be the focal point of the kitchen.Larger tiles are the trendiest right now, along with doing whole slabs of a material on the wall. Unique material choices include stainless steel, wood, copper, marble, and even glass. Remodelers are using these materials to not just cover the space around cooking and preparation areas but to cover whole walls, sometimes up to the ceiling for a more dramatic. modern look.
  5. Ceramic Tile
    Another chance to make your kitchen remodeling project uniquely yours, the flooring. While hardwood floors have been, and still are, one of the most popular trends in kitchen flooring, ceramic tiles are becoming an even more common choice. With a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, styles, and textures to choose from floor designs have limitless possibilities.Advances in technology have allowed ceramic tile manufacturers to provide these numerous choices to homeowners along with being able to customize tiles to fit anyone’s vision. Ceramic tiles can be made to look exactly like hardwood flooring or to resemble natural stone. They can be cut into any size or shape to create unique patterns and colorful designs. Even textured tiles are making an appearance to give the look and feel of natural stone while keeping the ease of maintenance that ceramic offers.One caution when using bold colored tiles or elaborate patterns is to not make it so unique and personalized that resale becomes a problem later.

These are just a few of the most popular trends that designers and remodelers are currently seeing in the industry, not only in West Des Moines but in surrounding cities and all over the US. What most of these trends really come down to is the opportunity to make your space unique. The sky is the limit and we at Remodeling Contractors are ready to make your vision and dream for your West Des Moines kitchen remodel a reality.

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