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In Duane’s free time he enjoys woodworking, cooking, and brewing his own beer.

Duane Berner

Growing up in Fairmont, Minnesota, Duane Berner felt like he always knew exactly what he wanted to do. As a young adult he started out welding and continued on to make a career out of carpentry. His dream had come true.


With over 30 years of experience in carpentry, Duane brings his varied talents to Remodeling Contractors’ Express-Handyman Services. As our Lead Handyman, he uses those talents to solve everyday problems, all while keeping the clients needs at the forefront. Duane believes Remodeling Contractors is unique because everyone on the team is willing to work together to solve any challenge.


“If you are a young person looking at going into the trades, listen to the old guys. They know what they are talking about and you can learn from them.”