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Remodeling Contractors is a full-service remodeling company backed by years of experience bringing only the best in quality and craftsmanship to satisfied homeowners. We are proud to provide a full range of remodeling and restoration services.

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you kitchenare looking to modernize an aging kitchen or reconstruct a damaged one, Remodeling Contractors provides the solution suited to your needs. Our expert design professionals are dedicated to creating a fully functional, gorgeous kitchen. We work closely with each of our clients to generate your ideal space for cooking, cleaning and entertaining.

We offer numerous, high quality kitchen selections that are both stylish and durable. From cabinets to plumbing to lighting, our extensive variety of furnishings will help create the ideal ambiance for your new kitchen down to the smallest detail.

Bathroom Remodeling

Is your bathroom simply too small? Is the décor feeling outdated? Maybe it’s time for a bathroom makeover. We offer remodeling services to help transform your bathroom into a tasteful, functional space. Enjoy a relaxing hot bath in a brand new tub. Savor the silence of a faucet that doesn’t leak or squeak.

With a broad range of high quality materials and numerous furnishing choices, we can help build a bathroom personally suited to your tastes. Whether you are looking for practical use or pampering, our team here at Remodeling Contractors is here to remodel your bathroom to perfection.

Basement Finishes

Why not make complete use of every area in your home? An unfinished basement can easily be converted into a fully functional living space or an area for entertaining. Remodeling Contractors is experienced in constructing recreation rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, home offices, even home theaters. Our team will help repurpose your basement into a practical place with the right amenities and tasteful design.

Get started on upgrading your basement to something you will be proud of for years to come. Remodeling Contractors is ready guide you through every step of the process, providing cost estimates to fit your budget and full site clean up.

Seasonal Porches

Are you porcheslooking to enjoy scenic outdoor vistas without the hassle of changing temperatures and keeping bugs away? Three or four season porches are the solution for every homeowner seeking the comfort of inside with a view and easy access to the yard. Seasonal porches are ideal for almost any purpose a homeowner can think of, from an additional living space to an area for hosting intimate gatherings with friends and family.

Three and four season porches come with a variety of options for windows and doors that complement the existing structure while insulating visitors from the elements. We construct porches that can accommodate any décor, no matter how simple or intricate. Remodeling Contractors takes pride in creating stylish and functional seasonal porches that add value to any home.


Is your family growing and available space for everyone shrinking? Consider increasing the value and size of your home with an addition custom-built to serve your changing needs. We have noticed a trend in the Johnston area: more families want to stay in their neighborhoods and school districts, making it less likely they will move. Remodeling Contractors makes it easier than ever to put down roots and add on to a home filling with new family members.

Whether a new addition means expanding existing rooms for larger master suites, home offices or kitchens, or adding entirely new spaces onto the home, we consult with you to ensure your addition is crafted with the family’s needs in mind. Remodeling Contractors can serve as your resource for design, suggested function and construction of a home addition with your budget determined in the first stages so it is never a surprise. We invite you to browse our gallery of completed projects that features additions for area homeowners.

Theater Rooms

Remodeling Contractors theateroffers clients a number of options to create remarkable private theaters within their own homes – a service that has become more in demand as homeowners wish to customize their everyday entertainment. We create custom theater rooms optimized for acoustics, lighting and comfort, guaranteed to make for a memorable media viewing experience.

Small Projects/Home Maintenance

Whether your house is relatively new or has seen many generations come and go, maintenance and repairs are a necessary upkeep for any homeowner. Regular maintenance not only increases the value of your home but also ensures that your living environment remains safe and comfortable. A home is easily one of the largest investments you will ever make. Let Remodeling Contractors help you with any maintenance or repairs you need.

Insurance Repair

Sometimes the unexpected happens: a fire starts in your kitchen. Someone breaks into your home. A storm wreaks havoc on your roof. Remodeling Contractors offers all types of reconstructive services for any type of damage. Our team will handle everything – clean up, painting, remodeling, odor control – to help restore your home back to satisfaction. We make the process even easier by coordinating with your insurance adjuster.

We take pride in our restoration services no matter the size. We worked on the fire restoration project for the 100-year-old First Presbyterian Church in Sigourney, Iowa. To the joy of the congregation, we were able to restore much of the original woodwork through the hard work of our talented and dedicated restoration crew. Remodeling Contractors is here to help you return your home to the way it was. To view some of our completed restoration projects, please free to browse our gallery.

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